2020 Volunteer Sign-Up

Current Sign-up Sheets

Title Date Open Spots  
FRIDAY August 14, 2020 8
SATURDAY August 15, 2020 38
SUNDAY August 16, 2020 32

THANK YOU for volunteering! The wealth of information below will answer most of your “volunteer” questions like where to check-in,  inform you of NEW updates for 2020, define your specific volunteer roles, and help us work together efficiently. Thanks again and please contact us with any additional questions!


  • FESTIVAL SETUP and BREAK DOWN- Setting up, we need extra hands to help hang banners, setup tents, misc help.

Breaking down we need help packing things up at the end of the festival and making sure the park is clean.

  • ARTIST CHECK-IN – Check off the artist from our list when they arrive and give the artist their welcome packet. You may need to help show the artist where their space is located.

FAQ: Artists are to setup the front of their tent facing the sidewalk on the imaginary line between the two flags we have marked with their booth number. Artists may drive up to their space to unload and set up, but they must move their vehicle to one of the parking areas after they are setup and before the start of the festival.

  • WELCOMERS – Greet each visitor and encourage everyone to vote for their favorite artist before they leave by completing our quick online survey found on our website: ArtintheParkElkader.com. A virtual program will also be available on our website.

FAQ: PEOPLE’S CHOICE BALLOT: The new online People’s Choice Ballot and Survey is a green approach to tracking the attendance of our festival and helps us know how to make our event better each year. Entering an email and completed survey will allow us to inform everyone of the winning artists and raffle winners after the festival. — The People’s Choice winning artist will win a $250 Cash Prize! ONE VOTE PER PERSON. RAFFLE: Each completed online survey will be entered into a drawing for Gift Cards to local businesses that will be awarded after the festival. PROGRAMS: Our virtual program will be promoted online prior to the festival and available throughout the weekend online. We will have a limited number of programs available for those who are highly interested in a printed version at the event. 

  • ARTIST HELPERS – Check on artists. Ask if they need a break. Watch for the RED FLAGS signaling an artist booth that needs some help. You are not responsible for making sales while they are gone, just let visitors know that the artist will be right back.

FAQ: The artists will know that they should not leave their space for an extended period of time.

  • WATER – volunteers of all ages can have fun with this job! We have a wagon that we pull through the park with water to our artists. This is used to cut down on plastic bottles.

NOTE: Please walk slow (don’t run anyone over with the wagon), make stops, be friendly, and ask the artists if they need water. We want to make water available, be attentive, but not overwhelm them while they are speaking with clients.  After you’ve made a round feel free to park under the Center Welcome Tent for a break before you head out for another round.

  • KIDS ART TENT – help with kids art activities in the large 20×40 white tent near the playground end of the park.


CHECK-IN for your shift at the CENTER WELCOME TENT (it’s the large 20×20 WHITE TENT that crosses the sidewalk at the center of the park). Please come a few minutes before your shift to get your official “volunteer” T-shirt and name tag. If you have your shirt from last year you are more than welcome to wear that one to the park.

REMEMBER, as a volunteer, you are a good will ambassador for Elkader—always friendly, helpful, and courteous! Be watchful for ways you can be helpful above & beyond your particular assignment. Be familiar with the locations of each area so you can direct visitors to water, 1st aid, food, bathrooms, etc.

NAME TAG – Use your FIRST NAME ONLY, Large letters on the name tag make it easy to read at a glance and this helps identify you as a volunteer.


KEEP IT CLEAN – Pick up and toss litter wherever you see it, and report which garbage tubs and recycle bins need emptying to an event organizer who can typically be found at the CENTER WELCOME TENT.

RED FLAGS – Every artist is given a RED FLAG to hang up on the front of their booth if they are in need of help. No matter what your “volunteer job” is, please keep an eye out for RED FLAGS and check on the artist if you see one.  One of our MAIN GOALS as volunteers is to help make our artists feel appreciated and taken care of.

CHECK OUT—when your time is up at the center welcome tent and the next volunteer will replace you. (You may either keep the T-shirt, or return it to be reused at a future event.)

Volunteers, your names have been added to our VIP reception! Join us for refreshments and live music as a thank you for helping us out at Art in the Park! Art After Dark is Saturday evening, from 5:30 – 7 pm, located in the Children’s Pavilion across from the playground. Thank you so much for your time and energy!

Thank you again for signing up to volunteer with Art in the Park. If you have any questions about your shift please give us a call or send an email to:

Teri Ann Marting
Micah Minor &
The Art in the Park Crew

Kate Lower, Main Street Elkader Director
563 245 2770