2018 Artists


1) Kris Grover (2017 People’s Choice) – Painting, Jewelry, Fiber – Elkader, Iowa
2) Leslie Jeanne Gibbons –  Jewelry, Drawing, Sculpture – Elkport, Iowa
3) Nash Cox (2017 Committee Choice) – Painting – Chariton, Iowa
4) Clint Peterson – Other – Winter, Wisconsin
5) Marisa Krivachek – Ceramics – Saint Lucas, Iowa
6) Clayton County Artists (10 Local Artists Under 1 Tent) –  Multi Media – Clayton County, IA
7) Judith Crandall – Drawing, Jewelry, Other – Volga, Iowa
8) John Wagner – Wood –  Decatur, Illinois
9) Joshua Riera-Gomez – Painting & Carving – Garnavillo, Iowa
10) Kathleen G. Skagen – Ceramics & Pottery – Dundee, Iowa
      11) Rebecca Kobos – Fiber – Lansing, Iowa
12) Joel Shoemaker – Ceramics – Lansing, Iowa
13) Cara Briggs Farmer (Artist of Scenic ByWays Art Installation) – Metal – Marion, Iowa
14) Dave Reckhouse – Sculpture – Boscobel, Wisconsin
     15) Natalie Campbell (Heiring) – Painting & Drawing – Glen Haven, Wisconsin
     16) Mariella TerBeest-Schladweiler – Fiber – Preston, Minnesota
17) Ketaki Poyekar – Painting & Drawing – Elkader, Iowa
18) Zanetta Hoehle – Jewelry – Solon, Iowa
19) Cindy Skeie – Photography – Windsor Heights, Iowa
20) Doug Davis – Painting – Hawkeye, Iowa
21) Susan Ray – Jewelry & Photography – Maquoketa, Iowa
22) Patricia Peters – Jewelry – Maquoketa, Iowa
23) Jan Bernhard – Painting – Waterloo, Iowa
24) Doug Cole – Ceramics – Sumner, Iowa
25) Rich Herrmann – Photography – Mount Vernon, Iowa
26) David Leeper (2017 Merchant Choice) – Sculpture – Cedar Rapids, Iowa
      27) Becky Wilke – Photography – Elkader, Iowa
     28) Mary Webber – Painting & Writing – Elkader, Iowa
29) Elizabeth Robertson – Ceramics – Asbury, Iowa
30) Richard Robertson – Ceramics – Asbury, Iowa
31) Mika Sorak-Weirbach – Sculpture – Eldon, Iowa
32) Steve Gibson – Painting & Jewelry – LeMars, Iowa
      33) A- Judy and B- Roger Westemeier – Wood Carving – Dyersville, Iowa
34) Laura Ross – Jewelry – Moorland, Iowa
35) Andrew J. Wroble – Drawing/Other – Harpers Ferry, Iowa
36) Susan E. Kuennen Massman – Basketweaving & Fiber – Elgin, Iowa
37) Joyce Meyer – Photography – Calmar, Iowa
38) Katherine Chandler – Ceramics – Ankeny, Iowa
       39) Jillian Webb Herrmann – Painting – Saint Olaf, Iowa
     40) Rabecca Jayne Hennessey – Painting – Guttenberg, Iowa
41) Dean Traver – Photography – Mount Vernon, Iowa
42) Jeanette Muller – Photography – Warren, Illinois
43) Valerie Williams – Ceramics – Ames, Iowa
      44) Joan Overhouse – Wood – Dubuque Iowa
45) Jessica Kettler – Fiber – Chelsea, Iowa
      46) Kimberly Bosworth – Jewelry & Writing – Decorah, Iowa
47) John Eberhardt – Painting – Montose, Iowa
48) Brett Beasley – Sculpture – Ames, Iowa
49) Rhonda Scott – Jewelry – Ames, Iowa
50) Julie Russell-Steuart – Printmaking & Book Arts – Reinbeck, Iowa


To artists that donated to the 2018 Silent Auction… Thank you!


Interested in applying to be an Art in the Park 2019 exhibiting artist?
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The 2018 Artist Guidelines and Application can be found below.

2018 Artist Guidelines & Application
Art in the Park | Founders’ Park | Elkader, Iowa
Saturday, August 18th, 10-5pm & Sunday, August 19th, 10-4pm

2018 Artist Application Process

Please review the artist guidelines and complete the online application below
for a chance to be a 2018 Art in the Park exhibiting artist.

Jury Process

Art in the Park is a juried fine art festival. Submit three quality images of your original artwork. Before uploading your images, title them as the following example using your last name, first name, and image number: Smith_Jane_Image1.jpg.  Include one booth image if available. Your images should represent the work you will exhibit at Art in the Park. The majority of work sold must be original art, see description and information below. Images of work, completed application, and fees must be received by The Art in the Park Board at Main Street Elkader by March 1st, 2018, in order to be included in the jury process. Our esteemed juror will then select the 2018 Art in the Park exhibiting artists. Artists will be notified in April 2018.


Three (3) high quality images not to exceed 3mb each must be submitted, along with an image of your booth, if available. If you do not use a traditional white tent, a booth image is mandatory. Please use the following format for titling your images: Smith_Jane_image1.jpg. Your images may be used by Art in the Park for promotional purposes in print and online. If you plan to exhibit in more than one medium, you are allowed up to three, please include images of each medium and tell us about each medium in the description text box.


The 2018 Artist/Booth Fee is $50.00 ($100 for a double space) and the Jury Fee is $15.00.  Applications and fees must be received by March 1st. — **Applications received by Feb. 15th are eligible for an EARLY BIRD JURY FEE of $10.  All exhibitors are required to send two checks, one for the booth fee, and one for the non-refundable jury fee. The booth fee check will be held by Main Street Elkader until the jury selection has been made in mid-March. An artist who misses the March 1st application deadline may be juried onto the wait-list at the discretion of the Art in the Park Board. Checks should be made payable to “Main Street Elkader,” with “Art in the Park” in the memo line.  


We accept fine art handmade by the exhibitor in the following categories: Drawing, painting, pastels, mixed media, photography, fiber, textiles, jewelry, metal works, ceramics, glass, sculpture, wood, and more. Each artist is allowed to show up to three mediums. Only the medium(s) that the artist specifies in the application may be displayed. Select your primary medium from the drop down and be sure to include your secondary media in the description/text box.  Policy on prints: All prints (lithographic, wood cut, giclee, inkjet, etc.) must be limited edition and numbered, excluding photography. The only other exception will be note cards. Photographers who have limited edition prints will be given preference (please indicate in your artist description). If prints of original artwork (watercolors, oils, pastels, etc.) are sold, the artist must also be selling a selection of original artwork as well. We do not accept imported, manufactured, or resale items. Policy on jewelry: Jewelry must be designed and handmade by the artist, using precious and non-precious metals, gemstones, enamel, glass, fiber, clay or other material. Beads are accepted with preference given to beadwork made or woven by the artist.


All exhibitors are required to exhibit under a tent space.  All exhibitors must have suitable anchorage (weights and/or screw-in anchors are necessary). Exhibitors are responsible for furnishing and erecting their own booths, which must not extend beyond the space provided by the festival. We recommend white tents with three sides. The standard booth space is 10’x10′ and the double space is 10’x20′. There is minimal space between booths for anchoring your tent.

Shared Booths

Two independent artists may share a booth, but no more than two. Both artists must submit individual applications and must both be juried into the event. Both artists must fill out their own applications, each pay the $50 artist/booth fee, and each pay the jury fee.  All artists must go through the jury process and be selected by the juror to participate.  A shared booth space is allowed as a convenience to the artists who appreciate working with another artist. There is no price break for sharing a booth,  however, since both artists are paying the artist/booth fee you may request a double booth space at no additional charge.


Artists must check in at the central welcome tent in Founders’ Park before setting up, either Friday, August 17, between the hours of 3-6 pm or Saturday morning, August 18, between 7-8 am. A volunteer will be available to assist you with check-in.


After you have been checked in, you may set up at your leisure as long as everything is ready by 10 am on Saturday, August 18th. Art in the Park is open to the public on Saturday, August 18th, from 10 am to 5 pm, and on Sunday, August 19th, from 10 am to 4 pm.  Exhibitors will be required to keep their booths open until festival close each day. The artist must be present throughout the festival. Exhibitors who do not follow these guidelines may not be invited back.

Sales Tax

Artists are responsible for collecting and reporting all taxes, including 7% Iowa sales tax.


This is an outdoor event, rain or shine. Vendors should prepare accordingly (including adequate shelter with sufficient anchorage). No rain date will be scheduled nor refund given for inclement weather.


Camping with hook-ups and showers are available in Elkader. See City of Elkader’s website for more information: Area hotels and bed and breakfasts can be found on the website:


We appreciate your commitment to Art in the Park. There will be no refunds guaranteed. To be considered for future years, please immediately notify us of any cancellation concerns by phone: 563-245-2770 or e-mail:

Consent and Release

I have read the Exhibitor Guidelines and agree to them by selecting the box in the artist application form. I agree to assume full liability for any injury or loss to me or my property during the event. I expressly release The City of Elkader, Main Street Elkader, and its representatives from all liability, or for any loss or injury. Exhibitor agrees to pay for all legal fees and costs in any action resulting from the enforcement of this contract.

After you’ve completed your form make sure you’ve clicked the orange submit button.

We appreciate your application! 🙂






2017 Artists

From far and wide we welcome these talented artists listed below to the gorgeous rolling hills of northeast Iowa for Elkader’s third annual fine art festival!   You’ll be excited to see some returning artists along with several new faces in Founders’ Park on August 19th and 20th! Please follow us on facebook to see a preview of festival artists, current events, and images!

Charles Anholt, Cedar Rapids, IA – Painting

*Lyndal Anthony, Dubuque, IA – Woodworking

Rachel Arnold, Elkader, IA  – Ceramics

Kimberly Bosworth, Decorah, IA – Jewelry

Melissa Brown, Decorah, IA – Fiber Art

*Katherine Chandler, Urbandale, IA – Ceramics

Doug Cole, Sumner, IA – Ceramics

Nash Cox, Chariton, IA –  Painting

Judith Crandall, Volga, IA – Painting

*Judith Eastburn, Des Moines, IA – Photography                         *This Artist won the 2016 Committee Choice Award

John Eberhardt, Montrose, IA – Painting

*Leslie Gibbons, Elkport, IA – .Jewelry, Painting, Fiber

*Brian Gibbs, Elkader, IA – Photography

Steve Gibson, Charter Oak, IA – Painting

Marisa Goerend, Saint lucas, IA – Ceramics

Diane Gonzalez, East Troy, WI – .Jewelry

*Kris Grover, Elkader, IA – Fiber                                                   *This Artist won the 2016 People’s Choice Award

Susan Guyer, Garnavillo, IA – Painting

Deda Happel, Cedar Rapids, IA – Painting

Natalie Heiring, Glen Haven, WI – Painting

Rabecca Hennessey, Guttenberg, IA – Painting Demo

*Jillian Webb Herrmann, Saint Olaf, IA – Painting

*Will Hildebrandt, LeGrand, IA – Painting

*Amber Langhus (Rodgers), Monona, IA – Photography             *This artist won the 2016 Merchant Choice Award

*David Leeper, Cedar Rapids, IA – Sculpture

Charlie Tonn, Monticello, IA – Stained Glass Ceramics

Susan E. Kuennen Massman, Elgin, IA – Fiber

Ann McCullough, Strawberry Point, IA – Pen, Pencil, Ink, Painting

Christie Melby-Gibbons, Milwaukee, WI – Jewelry

Jeanette Muller, Warren, IL – Photography

Patricia Peters, Maquoketa, IA – Jewelry

*Clint Peterson, Winter, WI – Handmade Knives

*Ketaki Poyekar, Elkader, IA – Painting

*Susan RayMaquoketa, IA – Jewelry, Photography

Rural Route 1, Strawberry Point, IA – Screen Printing

Karen Rushton, Iowa City, IA – Painting

Rhonda Scott, Ames, IA – Jewelry

*Cindy Skeie, Windsor Heights – Photography

*Linda Sue Sulzdorf, Strawberry Point, IA – Ceramics

*Mariella TerBeest-Schladweiler, Preston, MN – Fiber

Dean Traver, Mount Vernon, IA – Photography

Frank Walker, Cohasset, MN – Jewelry

*Terry Walker, Downey, CA – Glass

Judy Westemeier, Dyersville, IA – Woodworking

Roger Westemeier, Dyersville, IA – Woodworking

Pamela White, West Des Moines, IA – Glass

Becky Wilke, Elkader, IA – Photography

*Andrew Wroble,  Harpers Ferry, IA – Ink Wash

Clayton County Artists, Clayton County, IA – Mixed Media

* Artists that donated to the 2017 Silent Auction – Thank you!


Click on highlighted artists to view their personal website.

The artists for 2017 have been selected. If you are interested in applying for Art in the Park 2018, please check back here for the online application in the fall.