Green Efforts

Art in the Park realizes the extreme importance of keeping sustainable and environmentally friendly. We want to have a positive eco-impact while executing this cultural community art festival to set an example, show it is very possible, and to keep the environment happy.

Here are some ways we are using Green Efforts to keep our festival sustainable:

  • In 2019, Art in the Park stopped supplying plastic water bottles. Why is it important to not drink bottled water? Plastic bottles leach chemicals into the water. The bottles also use a lot of valuable oil to create the plastic (if you fill a plastic water bottle up halfway, this is how much oil it took to create this). Also, this water is being imported from all over the world. This means we do not know where it all comes from and it is creating a huge carbon footprint from all the transportation. Last but not least, some plastic water bottles are recyclable but often times can only be used up to one more time and then will end up in a landfill. Purchasing a case of water and going through it quickly is not as “convenient” as you might think, huh? Why not drink our clean water from right here in the community?!
    • We were excited to gift our artists with reusable Art in the Park cups last year and had volunteers travel around with ice cold water for refills. Water stations were also available all around the festival for guests and they were encouraged to bring reusable bottles. Don’t forget yours this year!
  • Printing amounts were also reduced tremendously in 2019. This saved us money and also helps the environment… every little bit counts!
    • Our event programs are now much smaller
    • We really stay conscious of how much we really need to print, referring to previous years
    • Taking advantage of social media/our website and sending information electronically reduces paper consumption
  • We stopped using latex balloons in 2019. We will continue this effort. Balloons are fun but unfortunately cannot be recycled and are not bio-degradable. This means they will be on Earth for a very, VERY long timeĀ and can potentially be dangerous to wildlife and the environment in general.
  • We promote upcycling as much as possible. In past years we have used recycled materials to create sculptures, hold creative chair auctions, and much more. We also use recycled materials in the youth tent as much as possible.
  • We offer recycling in the park during the festival. Recycling can be tricky because many individuals do not know what can be recycled and what cannot but we are working on proper signage to make this process more clear! This year, efforts may be taken even further as composting may be a possibility.
  • The committee re-uses as many event materials as possible each year including signage, decor, etc.
  • We keep LOCAL! Purchasing local keeps dollars in our community and creates much less of a carbon footprint by reducing transportation. We also partner with and promote our local businesses as much as possible!
  • Many of our artists are also eco-minded and we completely support their positive efforts!


The location of Art in the Park (Founders’ Park) includes a butterfly garden (built & maintained by local Girl Scouts), a labyrinth, and a chimney-swift bird tower.